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What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public adjuster is also known in the business as private adjuster or a loss consultant and represents the interests of the insured in the claims process, unlike the insurance adjuster who works for and represents the interests of the insurance company. Public Adjusters help homeowners and businesses who have suffered property loss and helps guide them through the claim process to bring about speedy and successful recovery. We assist the client by organizing and preparing a detailed evaluation of the policyholder’s total loss. Florida State Legislature is responsible for licensing and regulating Public Adjusters to provide assistance to insured property owners (Residential & Commercial) who have suffered losses. The Insured hires a licensed Public Adjuster to protect their financial interests in the settlement of their insurance claim.

1) NEW CLAIM: We submit claim on behalf of Insured and take care of entire claims process. This is the best scenario for the Insured as not only do we prevent mistakes from occurring, but we also do most of the work in documenting and packaging your claim for maximum benefit. Many potential delays, mistakes and “headaches” are thus prevented. This is usually done for a small percentage, and we are not paid until you get paid.

2) PENDING CLAIM: If you have received an offer or payment for a portion of your claim, we can proceed from that point. We use our experts to re-evalute, document and cross-reference everything and usually find many things that were not originally included or properly priced. We are paid only on additional money received.

3) RE-OPEN FILED OR SUPPLEMENT CLAIM: Florida has laws that usually allow you to re-open a claim if you were not fully or fairly compensated. We offer a FREE Claim Evaluation. We are paid only on additional money received after we take over your claim. You have 3 years from the date of your loss to file a supplemental claim and/or Appraisal.

4) CLAIM DENIAL: We have reviewed many claim denials and have obtained payment for many of them. If we believe the insurance company was right in their denial we will so advise you.

5) APPRAISAL: We are frequently retained to be “Appraisers” under the terms of your policy. There are dangers with this process and should be approached carefully.

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